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Enlightened: Evaline’s Journey
Releasing March 1, 2019
Middle Grade Fantasy

Evaline only knew bad days until a tragic crash- a seemingly terrible event- brought hope and restored life.

After Evaline awakes from the crash, she finds herself in the World of Darkness, unable to remember anything about the day before her arrival. She meets the Sun who asks what the one thing is that she desires the most. Evaline wants to find a home, a place she feels safe and secure, unsure if she had one before. The Sun honors her request by taking her on an arduous journey through the country, sky, and sea to find a home- but what she really finds is the courage to be her true self.

With fantastical worlds filled with wicked gnomes, floating pals, argumentative constellations, colorful friends and wayward sea creatures, Evaline must be braver than she’s ever been and learn what it means to follow Good, despite Evil’s attempts to tear her down.

Only when she arrives somewhere-in-between, is her entire journey’s purpose revealed.

The Remedy Files: Illusion 
(Book 1 in The Remedy Files Trilogy)
Releasing April 1, 2019
Young Adult Dystopian

A life without feelings, a life without decisions; that’s the only life Evangeline knows. Because of the manufacturing of Remedy, her community of Impetus has discovered a way to survive and prevent the self-destructing mistakes of The Before by inhibiting feelings, creating a society that relies wholly on logic and entrusts Impetus to make all the decisions for its people. A chance encounter results in a friendship between Evangeline and a boy outside of Impetus named Gavin who challenges Evangeline to reassess her conviction in the world she has always known and introduces her to a choice she never thought she had. 

When she defies Impetus on her 18th birthday, Evangeline journeys through awakened truths, divided worlds, power struggles, and love triangles. For the first time in her life, the vitality of physical and emotional feelings forces her to understand and see Gavin in ways like never before. Broken, tested, and challenged, Evaline must make decisions on her own for once, determining who she trusts, who she loves, and who she’s willing to sacrifice in pursuit of what’s right and to fight what she believes is wrong. 

The Last Look
Releasing May/June 2019
Contemporary Women’s Fiction

When you find the love that defies all else, that’s the one you hold on to forever.
I found that in you.
You found that in me.
He found that in her.
She found that in him.
If only so many hearts didn’t have to shatter.

Haleigh and Josh always had the wrong kind of love, but they believed there was a reason they were in each other’s lives. For twelve years, their misguided pursuits tangled as they built their marriage on the expectations of what a happy couple should look like, despite the brokenness inside. Only once they unravel can the truth be set free.

When Haleigh discovers letters written by the very reserved Josh, she comes to understand him better than she ever has before. But only after an unfathomable event occurs and reveals devastating truths that both Josh and Haleigh have hidden for far too long. 

The story of Haleigh and Josh always involved more people than just them, proving every relationship in life- romantic or not- shapes the love we pursue. Far from the happily ever after in fairy tales, Haleigh and Josh’s relationship provides an intricate examination of the love we seek, the love we are given, and the love that is deserving of us, whether we acknowledge it. 

Sometimes life grants second chances. And sometimes you have to believe you’re deserving of the right kind of love before the right love finds you. 

**Please note this novel contains profanity, sexual situations, and alcohol consumption, and is not appropriate for minors. *

Autumn’s Return
Releasing May/June 2019

With a pending move overseas and cracks forming in her once seemingly perfect marriage to Mark, Crimson Bay was the last place Autumn needed to return. It’s the one place her true self always remained, the one place that could make her doubt all the decisions she’s made about Mark and their ever-changing future. Yet it’s the one place Mark thinks she needs to be the most for her thirtieth birthday.

Turning thirty is not what Autumn thought it would be. Her birthday party should have been the annual- albeit humiliating- family tradition spent at the local Mexican joint wearing a sombrero as the wait staff sings, “Happy Birthday.” Instead, it is replaced by an event the whole world can view. Hundreds of strangers travel to Autumn’s quaint Wisconsin hometown to watch her step out on a makeshift stage in her parents’ backyard and be the first public Target of Bridging the Six Degrees, a social media event planning experiment designed to strengthen connections and deepen personal relationships. Exposed under bright lights with a camera crew recording every minute, thirty audience members from across the globe challenge Autumn to complete an activity that transformed each of their lives.

With ninety days to complete the thirty challenges, Autumn embarks on the adventures with her two best friends and a man from her hometown whom she’s only beginning to know. As dreams from her past collide with the reality of her present, Autumn must decide if the life she has is worth sacrificing what she’s always truly wanted.

Letters to Them
Contemporary Short Story Collection
Releasing July 2019

A short story collection of exaggerated fictional pieces of very real dating, hating, loving, cheating, marrying, divorcing, fearing, surviving, living experiences in a letter written to the person that either stole, abused or broke the heart of the protagonist, interweaved with the story of how the two people came to be.