Format Your Manuscript – Add On




Interested in having your manuscript formatted into ebook or print versions?

Once you purchase this package, I will reach out to you and request:


Your manuscript, ebook cover image (1604×2560 jpg or larger) and the following information-

What formats do you need it in? (Kindle, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Google, Generic EPUB)
Size (for print if requesting it it)?:
Any specific formatting requests (first chapters to start on right-hand side, margin specific sizes, first letter of first paragraph in a new chapter to be enlarged):
Genre of Book:
(Leave blank if it doesn’t apply)
Ebook ISBN: 
Structure of book (additional pages? like copyright page, dedication, acknowledgement, about the author, etc. + if there are chapters or if it’s divided by parts + chapters):
Include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram links in the About the Author section?
If so, what are they?



Then I will send your file via a link due to the size.

After I send the files to you, make sure to look them over for formatting and double check the links to make sure they’re accurate. If you need any adjustments, let me know specifics. All adjustments made within 48 hours are included in the original cost. Adjustments made afterward are subject to a new formatting fee.

This is for the interior document, not the cover. 


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