If you self-publish and wonder if your book will get lost in the millions of other books on Amazon, you’re not alone with that fear.

But here’s a little trick to help your book stand out.

When you publish using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) on Amazon, you only get the option of selecting two categories for your book to be in. That’s not very many. However, if you email support within the KDP dashboard, you can request that they add up to 8 additional categories.

That’s HUGE when it comes to exposure for your book.

How do you go about selecting what those categories should be?

A helpful website is https://www.bklnk.com/ . Click on Catfinder and you can type in the ASIN of your book to see what categories it’s in. Then compare with the ASIN of any book that’s like yours to discover other fitting categories.

As tempting as it can be to go straight for the comparison of the big hitters in your genre, I’d recommend checking out some of the other successful indie authors’ books and what categories they’re using for a nice balance.

How do you discover the ASIN? If you search a book on Amazon and scroll down to the Product Details section, you’ll discover it there.

Once you determine the categories you want your book in, email Amazon using the Update Additional Categories template in the help section then wait for them to handle the rest.

Easy, right? It’s just one more way to make sure your book is being seen!

There are also paid options like kyltics that can help you pick the right category to maximize your sales.

If you’re looking for which categories to be in that may increase your chances of hitting the #1 spot within it, make a list of potential ones using the method above. Then use Kindleprenuer’s handy Amazon Sales Rank Calculator to help you determine how many books would need to be sold per day in each category to get you there. Choose the categories with the fewest number of books needed to be sold and you’re golden!

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