MIA Updates

MIA Updates

I haven’t posted much since I’ve been focused on my TBR book pile (post on 2019 reads so far coming soon!) and working on my next projects. Several times a week, I get emails asking what’s next with various books, so I wanted to give a quick rundown (with 2 of 3 cover reveals too!):


Project #1— The Remedy Files: Rebirth (Book #2 in the Trilogy) is coming SOON. I’m hoping for a late 2019 release date and will post it when it’s settled. BUT the Cover is done– how exciting is that?? Evangeline’s story continues…

LETTERSTOTHEMProject #2—Letters to Them Short Story Collection will be released later this year. Eight exaggerated-with-fantasy-elements fictional pieces of very real dating, hating, loving, cheating, marrying, divorcing, fearing, surviving, living experiences in a letter written to the person that either won over, abused or broke the heart of the protagonist, interweaved with the story of how the two people came to be.

Project #3––This is a fairly new concept with a broad outline, so lots of work yet to be done. I have gotten MANY questions about a sequel to The Last Look. At first, I thought their story was over. But as usual, an idea hit while I was in the shower a few weeks ago & I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. So finally my answer is YES to those wondering! More details will come later as it progresses.

I’m also working on a somewhat-unrelated COOKING project, my secondary passion! This will be a great resource to those with busy lives or ones who WANT to like cooking, yet aren’t sure how to light that flame.

Whew! Lots of updates! But many exciting things yet to come… ❤️

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