A Young Adult Dsytopian Trilogy

A world without choices and feelings and the heroine, Evangeline, who defiantly tries to change it all.

Book #1
A life without feelings, a life without decisions; that’s the only life Evangeline knows. Because of the manufacturing of Remedy, her community of Impetus has discovered a way to survive and prevent the self-destructing mistakes of The Before by inhibiting feelings, creating a society that relies wholly on logic and entrusts Impetus to make all the decisions for its people. A chance encounter results in a friendship between Evangeline and a boy outside of Impetus named Gavin who challenges Evangeline to reassess her conviction in the world she has always known and introduces her to a choice she never thought she had. 

When she defies Impetus on her 18th birthday, Evangeline journeys through awakened truths, divided worlds, power struggles, and love triangles. For the first time in her life, the vitality of physical and emotional feelings forces her to understand and see Gavin in ways like never before. Broken, tested, and challenged, Evangeline must make decisions on her own for once, determining who she trusts, who she loves, and who she’s willing to sacrifice in pursuit of what’s right and to fight what she believes is wrong.

This was such a fun read! I really enjoyed the characters and dynamic setting (dystopian) and there are some good twists throughout. There are elements similar to The Giver and other dystopian novels while maintaining an original plot. Without giving too much away, I’d say if you enjoy The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins) or Matched (Ally Condie) series, you would like this book. 

I am ready for the next one right now!



Great read. Couldn’t put it down. Ending was a shock couldn’t have guessed it. I can’t wait till the next book comes out, want to know what is going on! 


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Book #2
Released October 23, 2019
In this sequel to The Remedy Files: Illusion, Evangeline finds herself a prisoner in a new community called Revival after her abduction from Rebirth. Equally cold and filled with unfeeling people who don’t know life in any other way, Revival sets the direction for The New World. Evangeline’s brief encounter with the very-much-alive Gavin has her questioning his integrity and true role in their history together. In Revival, Evangeline learns The New World has determined that people with natural intuition and precognition are of special use to them, the exact abilities identified in Evangeline, Gavin, and most of those in Rebirth who can warn when bad events are about to occur. But after discovering Gavin’s traitorous acts, new alliances must be formed, and Evangeline has a different mission in mind. People deserve to have choices and to feel, and Evangeline won’t stop fighting until Revival reinstates basic human rights. It starts with getting everyone in Rebirth on board. Then saving Impetus and the other communities once and for all, regardless of Revival’s—and Gavin’s—attempts to stop her.

People are going to love it!! Fascinating new characters and connections I really enjoyed, along with interesting information revealed for the first time. But don’t worry- we still getting plenty of interactions with the characters we already know and love. It’s intriguing to watch Evangeline grow and evolve into a visionary leader. And that final scene: whoa! 

Eckhardt has another winner on her hands!


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What a great read! I was very quickly drawn back into Evangeline’s world and along for the ride. This was a can’t-put-down book for me. I loved the new characters we were introduced to, the continued insight into those we are already attached to, and the clever ways the story came together. I am eagerly waiting for the next installment – especially after that ending!


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Book #3
Coming Spring 2020