My Marvel Makers Club 2020 Mastermind Programs are now OPEN for registration and I am so excited about the offerings!  My writing-related one is for all those moms who have shared their desire to write a book. Although focused on moms who are balancing life with kids, all women areContinue Reading

The biggest advice I can give when going for your goal(s) is this: take action.  One of the most common questions I get is “what should I do to get to (here) in my life?”…. and my first question in return is, “what have you tried so far?”  We tendContinue Reading

For fans of “The Last Look,” I added an epilogue to all new versions (ebook and print). It’s an intro to the standalone sequel, “The First Look,” which is coming out Summer 2020. If you haven’t read “The Last Look” yet, don’t read the screenshots unless you love spoilers!

(Taken from my podcast episode: Chasing Dreams.)After many conversations and coaching others with their dreams, I finally launched the Marvel Makers Club. It’s in the early stages yet, but I’m so excited to see and be a part of other people’s passions and watch it steadily grow over time. IContinue Reading

My final two big projects are officially up and ready! I have a lot of content I’m working on to fill them up and will keep everyone posted through my newsletter. If you aren’t yet subscribed, sign up here: Subscribe Podcast: Life Through Introvert Eyes the world through introvert eyesContinue Reading

Update: I have now been introduced to the world of Patreon which is basically everything I wrote below except perfect for creative minds. How cool is it when things like this are discovered? Become a Patron! In my empowerment coaching, I’ve crossed over into a new area that initially makesContinue Reading

Exciting news! The Remedy Files: Rebirth, Book #2 of the TRF trilogy, will officially be out on November 5, 2019! Synopsis coming soon! I’ll also be making an announcement around September to request beta readers, so if you’ve read Book #1 and are anxiously waiting for book #2, be onContinue Reading

I haven’t posted much since I’ve been focused on my TBR book pile (post on 2019 reads so far coming soon!) and working on my next projects. Several times a week, I get emails asking what’s next with various books, so I wanted to give a quick rundown (with 2Continue Reading

This is about a month and a half late, but I wanted to finally share my favorite reads of 2018! I set a goal of reading thirty-six books and instead read forty-five after I finally made reading a priority once again. This year my goal is fifty so I’m excitedContinue Reading