Podcast & YouTube Channels Officially Live

My final two big projects are officially up and ready! I have a lot of content I’m working on to fill them up and will keep everyone posted through my newsletter. If you aren’t yet subscribed, sign up here:

Podcast: Life Through Introvert Eyes
Seeing the world through introvert eyes exploring mama-life/parenthood, friendships, relationships, second chances, pursuing dreams, overcoming fears, new opportunities and experiences, being yourself and a wide array of interests like reading, cooking, and traveling.

Marvel Maker YouTube Channel
This will be launching in September. It’ll host my Marvel Makers Coaching videos to encourage you to embrace your unique traits, find your voice, rise above resistance, pave the path for your dream, discover your inner strength, see your true self worth and be greater than the weight of your current circumstances. To learn more, click here: Marvel Maker Coaching.

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