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Turning thirty is not what Autumn thought it would be.
She thought life should be figured out by now. Besides, she took all the right steps: moved from her beloved hometown, married a successful businessman, settled in a Boston penthouse, traveled the world, and is now writing her first novel and preparing for a move to Italy. She’s living the dream.

Except she’s not so sure it’s her dream.

With cracks forming in her once seemingly perfect marriage to Mark and doubts stirring of the choices she’s made, Crimson Bay is the last place Autumn needs to return.
Yet Mark surprises Autumn with a birthday party unlike any other to test out his most recent business acquisition, sending her back to Crimson Bay where thirty strangers from around the world challenge her with activities that changed their lives. She has ninety days to do each of those activities and capture her experiences through photos and journal entries.

Embarking on the adventures with her two best friends and a man from her hometown who she has an undeniable connection with, Autumn faces her fears, doubts, and new encounters––reminding her of who she is and proving she’s stronger than she once believed. She must decide if the life she has now is worth walking away from what she always thought she wanted.

What if I never left…
What if I met him first…
What if he’s worth sacrificing it all…