About Lauren


Lauren Eckhardt is an award-winning Young Adult and Women’s Fiction author, who has a particular love of writing stories centered around second chances in life and the self-strengthening journeys of the characters through them. Lauren is the mother of two incredible little boys, an introvert, empath, Executive Director of The Writing Champion’s Project, the Marvel Makers Club Founder, and ghostwriter and publisher of Burning Soul Press. She loves to cook, read, travel, boulder and try her hand in whatever creative outlet she can.

She tends to write the types of books she enjoys reading, with a particular fascination for dystopian (YA and adult) and women’s fiction. Although honestly, it’s whatever idea latches on to her heart and doesn’t let go. Every book is inspired by a song, making music a primary muse among other life experiences.


In 2020, she’ll begin working with other aspiring writers through online workshops and YouTube videos. More information will come soon.

  Knowing she wanted to be a writer since she was six years old, it took Lauren three decades before finally chasing her dreams. In 2019, Lauren launched the Marvel Makers Club, designed to help women build the life they’ve always wanted. With 15 years of human resources, talent and leadership development experience and education, she focuses on helping women rediscover and refocus their truest self, passion, and purpose through coaching and courses.