Is anyone else as completely exhausted with acronyms as I am?

Why is it acceptable to read articles that have TBH or IMO as though that’s legit journalism?

Why is it okay for stores to send emails with acronyms and emojis in the subject simply to capture our attention? I understand being super professional doesn’t connect with their audience base, but is it really necessary to get that casual?

Some annoy me more than others. Like FML. Do you really go around saying what each of those words stands for? Or do you just say it now since the acronym covers the crudeness of it?

I think my old mind is still stuck on the fact that acronyms were once classified as the texts teenagers send back and forth. So I tend to cringe when adults (even myself who has fallen guilty to the OMG) use them. I also have to google most.

I really don’t have anything of substance to add to this. Just a lot of wondering. Soon entire books will be written in acronyms and emojis, and I will officially lose all hope in the future of our communication.

It’s like we’re THAT close to returning to hieroglyphics. So does that mean we are regressing, or are we indeed progressing in the strangest of ways?

Written by Lauren Nichole

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