On one of the FB groups I follow, someone asked the question, “What’s one thing you should know how to do by now, but don’t know how to do?”

I didn’t even have to think about it. I responded, “My Hair.”

I was surprised how many women responded under my comment, “Me too!”. Not going to lie- I always felt a bit of an outcast of my gender because of my embarrassing lack of ability to do something that should seemingly come so naturally. I don’t know how to do makeup and I may be even worse at my hair.

A friend in Junior High showed me how to do a high bun on my head. So I carried that style until it was eight years (maybe more) already out of style. I don’t know how to do the messy ones in a cute way. I’m just not that type of woman no matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch.

Every time I get my hair done, I watch the ease of my hair stylist and think, “Yep, I can totally do that at home.” But then I get home and I swear my arms don’t twist or turn the way theirs do. Or maybe I can’t get the angle right. Either way, it’s a disaster.

For that reason, I am the ponytail queen. It’s not even a cute ponytail. It’s a loosely hanging off the back of my head and wrapped in some elasticy thing that’s about to break at any moment kind of deal. I can kind of straighten it and kind of curl it, but even when I try to do that, I’ll throw it back in a ponytail when I realize it still doesn’t look good and I just wasted 25 minutes trying and failing.

A few years ago, I found a product that helped me do the cute little curls that I could never succeed in doing with a curling iron (#3 below). As I’ve had 2 kids since that first product, I’ve realized how desperate I am for quick tools that can save me from the walking disaster that I usually am. I mean, if my hair looks good, it hides the huge bags under my eyes and my veins popping out of my forehead, right??

In the past month, I’ve added two more tools (#1 and #2) to trick people in pretending that I actually know how to do my hair. And they do my hair QUICKLY. Game-changers for any busy woman that struggles with her hair like I do and especially those mamas that never know if they have 3 minutes or 30 minutes before a kid is in dire need of their attention.

My favorite tools in ranking order for Women Who Don’t Know How to Do Their Own Hair (like ME):

IMG_0164*Using the Revlon One-Step Dryer & Straightener*

  1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer – Dries AND Straightens hair fast!
    I was told about this one from my sister-in-law. Apparently it’s really big in the Peloton world right now. Once I looked it up on Amazon and saw all the outstanding reviews, I wondered if maybe I’m the only one that hasn’t heard about it yet. Either way, ya’ll, this thing is AMAZING and only takes me 20 MINUTES to use from start to finish!! With a hair dryer by itself, my hair typically takes about 25 minutes to dry WITHOUT any sort of style. I have the type of hair that you don’t realize how thick it is until you start playing with it. If I ever wanted to straighten it or curl it, I’d have to plan on 25 more minutes. And how many moms with kids under 3 actually have time to spend 50 minutes on their hair?? Also, the best part: my normal 2nd day hair is usually a bit kinky from me sleeping on it, but this thing keeps my hair looking straight and beautiful even on day 2! Fan for life.


    *Using the Bed Head Deep Waver
  2. Bed Head Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves –  Beautiful, wavy hair!
    If you look at my Senior pics (from a depressing 17 years ago), I have curly hair. Why? Because of perms. Oh how I would always get perms. Even my bangs were permed. Yeah, sausage roll style. But it made my hair SO easy to do (seriously I have struggled with this my entire life)! After I had my first boy, I was in a desperate search to find a way to have hair that looked cute with little effort. So………. I may have gotten a perm again two years ago. Yeah, there’s no excuse for that bad decision. It damaged my hair more than what having a baby already does to it. Anyway, I digress. I’ve tried every single type of hair product to get these waves and nothing has ever worked. My hair does not hold curl well because of the thickness. Yet look at THIS! I’m still new to this so don’t have it down yet, but this is the result of this morning’s ten minute trial with it (only my second run). And I LOVE IT. I know it’ll just get better. For the first time in much too long, I’m actually wearing my hair half pulled-back because it looks super cute with the waves.

    IMG_0115.JPG*Loose Curls Option*

  3. Conair InfinitPro Curl Secret Hair Styler  – Various curls!
    This was the first tool that opened my eyes to the different hair products available outside of a hair straightener and curling iron. (Seriously, I’m clueless in the beauty product world). This one is a bit intimidating, but once you get it down, you can create either loose or tight (like special event type of) curls! Makes it easy for people like me who don’t know how to twist their arms to get those curls like apparently we’re supposed to naturally know how to do!?!

Let me know if you’ve used any of these or have any others that you might recommend! Also, I’d love to hear any other great beauty tricks you have! As I’m getting older, I’m realizing how much I need to add things to the non-beauty-routine I have.  😉




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