I finally did it.

“Autumn’s Return” has been released to my beta readers. And unplanned, but on the first day of Autumn, as I’m hoping is only one of many connections formed by the release of this story.

An idea that came to me 3 years ago and in that time, has been born, shaped, formed, revamped, polished and is now in process of being refined.

A lot of on and off dedication to it in that three years. Many sleepless nights have ensued. Some crying. But all worth it. Because now it’s completed. (Until the beta reader feedback, of course!)

People are now reading about Autumn’s journey, which is exciting and scary all at once. It’s 123,000 words. I could have spent another year straight replacing words, strengthening structure, changing the arrangement, and constantly thinking it could be better.

But it was time that I released it.

Fly, little butterfly, fly.

A big thank you to my beta readers! 💓

Now on to finish “The Last Look”…

Written by Lauren Nichole

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