2 years. It’s been 2 flipping years since I wrote anything on this site. How does that happen? Where did these days go? What the flip did I accomplish??

Life. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing when you realize it’s kept you away from typing away on your electronic device to send random thoughts into the oblivion.

But it all depends on the reasons and the circumstances.

Or how badly you need to write. And I, need to write. I’m not happy if I don’t. And this blog, it just helps. It carries the things that I can’t turn into stories. I haven’t figured out the twitter thing yet. Yeah, I’m 34 and can’t tweet. So, old school blog for the win.

And here I go again.

I’ve changed since two years ago. For the good and the bad. But it’s been growth no matter what direction it’s gone in and at least I can stand proud with that. I’ve grown.

I also physically grew. For about 10 months actually as we had our second boy (and now I’m trying to physically shrink). He is turning 3 months old next week and already on his way to trying to keep up with his almost 3 year old brother.

A lot of new life has happened within the two years of my life. That’s the beauty of motherhood. That’s the beauty of life in general. Lots of good and bad and everything inbetween. Lots of going and stopping. Lots of jumping and sinking. Lots of perspective changes. Lots of the world changing all around. Two years is a long time.

New weaknesses exposed. New strengths discovered.

I’m not the same person. And I like that I can say that.

But for now, I need to sleep.

Goodnight, goodnight

Written by Lauren Nichole

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