I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately… Do you have those moments in your life that you think back on and swear that time stood still? It sounds like such a lame cliche line for a romantic novel or movie… but it happens. And I’m not sure romance is always the reason why.

Or have you ever walked into a room and are convinced that you know every single person in that room? They look exactly like someone you’ve met before. But it’s not just one person that reflects the doppelgänger syndrome– it’s every single person there.

These are the moments I let my mind reflect on over and over again. I call these the “breadcrumb trail marks” in my life. They are parts of my life journey that remind me that I somehow ended up on the right path- the one I was supposed to choose in the midst of making 10 million daily decisions. It’s so easy to veer off the path while chasing butterflies or to choose left when you should have went right- and it happens probably way more than we realize. But when I discover one of my breadcrumb markings, I end up being the silly fool that’s standing in the room with a big sappy smile on my face, basking in the moment and all that’s supposed to be happening right there in that instant with me in the middle of it.

I had a time stood still moment one evening not long ago. It didn’t just happen once- but three different times in a matter of a few hours and every scenario involved the same person. And you know what? That person was a man. I almost wrote this entire story using “this person” versus saying “he” because I automatically worried that people are going to get the wrong idea. It seems completely taboo these days for a man and woman to meet and for it to be considered anything else other than friendly. So I’m going to boldly take it a step further- not only did I meet this man, but time stood still with him. When I walked into the room, he was the first person I noticed among the fifty others standing there. It was a couple of hours later when he and I ended up connected and were the only ones standing on the sidelines sipping water while everyone else was drinking on the dance floor. And within minutes we were lost in a profound conversation with unadulterated vulnerability that isn’t ordinarilly shared between two strangers that just met. The second time stood still moment is when I was divulging honesty so deep that it brought tears to my eyes from the pain, and I can recall staring into his eyes and feeling strength being brought out from within me as the clocked stopped. The third time stood still moment was watching as he left the building that night and I wondered if I was ever going to see him again.

Yes, you can read that with a small mind and think “ooh, budding romance.” Or you can see the truth in it which was two people that were designed to be in that moment that night. One was in the midst of a battle and the other had been through a war with the strength to reflect and the transparency to share the lessons learned to prevent a second one from occuring. It didn’t matter that it was a woman and a man- those are minute details that too many people would choose to focus on. Truth: it’s not normal to meet someone and within 5 seconds you are both equally baring your souls. There was a reason. It was Godly, sound advice that was needed beyond a doubt that night. I wasn’t attracted to this man, I was drawn to this man. There is a big difference there. I’m not one for big social scenes typically, but I went out that night. He was there that night. And we both ended up on the sidelines conversing that night. It was part of a design for him to be a messenger with tools that helped me survive the hurricane quicksand I spoke of previously. This man’s openness in that moment set a whole new precedent for my perspective on my marriage in a time that it was desperately needed.

A few days later I experienced walking into a room where it felt as though I knew everyone who attended this small shindig. The first person walked in, and I asked her, “have we met before?” She said, “no, I don’t think so.” And when she said that, somehow I was even more convinced that I knew her. As each person after that walked in, I also felt like I recognized them- or knew someone that looked or acted just like them. It was like we had been there before, all of us, in a room, meeting each other even though this was, at least in this lifetime, the very first introduction. I met some amazing women that night, but I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t quite learned the full impact of that night unlike the previous story I shared. But I know without a doubt that I was meant to meet every single one of them. At one point everyone was conversing and I felt like I was on the outside looking in, observing my own life, and saying, “Yes, this right here- was meant for me and my lifeline. No one else knows that except me right now.”

There are things that happen, then there are things that were purposefully designed to happen for you. And the reason is not always immediately revealed. You also have to believe in connectedness, as I do, to understand and trust the lines that are drawn between all the events and people in your life and the lives of others.

The breadcrumbs mark my way back home so when I find one, it’s like the most welcoming warm embrace oozing reassurance that I’m on the right track- the one that was designed with specifically me in mind and has every single piece of the environment surrounding it delicately placed in the position they are in for a reason.  I don’t always understand the reasoning for each detail that’s set by those markings, but I am grateful because there is no doubt my life is about to be enhanced or challenged or both and more.

When you find those breadcrumb markings, the key is to soak up the moment and hold on to every detail that you can remember. Because those are the ones that will come back to you in this life over and over again as more is revealed of the purpose and reasoning behind it all and you continue your life journey back Home.

Written by Lauren Nichole

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