“Don’t ever stop dreaming, beautiful one. Big things happen with even the smallest of dreams.”
— Nokutenda in “Autumn’s Return”

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About Me


I’m a wife, mama of two incredible boys, a hopeless dreamer, and a writer of middle grade, young adult, and women’s fiction. I love to cook, read and try my hand in whatever creative outlet I can when I get free time! But reading and writing consume me the most (outside of family time), so connect with me on Goodreads so we can bond over books!: Goodreads

After graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology/Sociology and MBA in Human Resources Management, I spent a decade working my way up the ladder in multiple corporate environments. Dreaming of being a writer and seeing my stories in a bookstore since I was six-years-old, I finally took the plunge to pursue it.

2019 will be an exciting year as I plan to release four novels and a collection of short stories! You can follow the release dates and information here: Writing Projects.

I also frequently update the blog with all things motherhood, relationships, writing, and life-related: Blog.

If you read one of my books, I’d love for you to leave a review and/or connect with me on social media!